From understanding comes strength



Developing the Young Workforce is a government initiative which aims to address youth unemployment; equity, equality and inclusion; partnerships with employers and skills for learning life and work.  Mrs Bruce PT Guidance will be chairing the DYW working group, working with students on Career Ready, myWOW Ambassadors and publicising other opportunities in school via the website and twitter @BanchoryDYW.  


7 female students studying both Higher Maths and Physics attended ‘Energise your Future’ event at Offshore Europe last week.The event run by OPTIO gives demonstrations, challenges and practical experiences to inform and inspire the 160 pupils who attended from across the city and shire.  The focus this year was on the energy transition, and the new skills that will be required in the future. The girls were first set a task by Shell of constructing and racing an electric motor car, powered by lithium cell and salt water.  They met with an OGTAP apprentice and a young female graduate trainee with Shell who encouraged them to think about their Career paths.  We then toured the exhibition where we met with representatives from SeaJacks, Total and Worley; where they had opportunity to fly a drone.  The girls enjoyed the experience and came back with lots to think about and a number free gifts!  

Offshore Europe September 2019