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Banchory Academy has the support of a very active Parent Council. Membership of the Council consists of parents, who are always in a majority, staff and co-opted members.

The council meets approximately once a month and the members discuss a wide variety of matters relating to the school, including policy development, financial planning, staffing and pupil-related issues. Council members also play an important part in appointing senior members of staff.

We seek to represent as wide a range of parent views as possible, so please do get in touch.

About Us





Parent Council membership

Chairperson: Megan Hare

Vice-Chairperson: Scott Newey

Secretary: Alison Smart

Treasurer: Jeanne Ritchie


Additional Members

Trish Amundrud, Rebecca Glansbeek, Colin MacLeod, Andrea Peake

Jill Matthew, Scott Newey, Jaqueline Conroy, Katie Davies, Kate Ellison, Alison Smart, Linda Stromberg,  Vikki Duncan, Marion Strassberg, Jeff Wallace,Jeanne Ritchie,

Click here to read our Parent Council Constitution

Next meeting : Thursday June 13th, 7-9pm in room 4 at the school