From understanding comes streng




We worked in Clune Wood, Durris and had fun exploring and getting to know each other better. We used all our senses to identify and describe different natural materials whilst blindfolded. We cut and decorated wood slices and followed the story trail looking for clues as we went

Wednesday 9th September

It was our first visit to Dalvenie Care Home and we were busy clearing out their old, unloved greenhouse. We identified two areas in their garden space which we will plant up into a wild garden and a wild meadow.

At the garden centre we choose plants which we will need to fill these spaces. These included spring bulbs, herbs and insect attracting plants.

Wednesday 26th September

We investigated beach landscapes today to compare with the other environments we have worked in. Our beach scavenger hunt was great fun and we found a huge variety of natural items from driftwood to sea glass and unusual pebbles.

We made stone stacks on the beach which required skills in finding flat pebbles, ordering them by size and shape and using great precision.

Our final task was to complete a beach tidy. Even in the short part of the beach we worked on we found litter of many varieties.

Wednesday 19th September

We began the work we will be doing with Dalvenie Care Home by learning how to plant the bulbs, seeds and herbs we bought at the garden centre. These were taken over to the garden ready to be planted or placed in the greenhouse.

We made posters to show what we are planning to do; our wild meadow and wildlife garden and then spent time with some of the residents. We were able to serve them tea and cakes and have a chat. They were very interested to hear about our plans for their garden and look at our posters. It was so beneficial for both groups to have some time to interact.

Wednesday 3rd October

As part of our John Muir Award and our RSPB Wild Challenge we completed some ‘help nature’ and some ‘experience nature’ activities today. We learned how to light, watch over and safely extinguish a small fire then used these skills to boil Kelly Kettles for our hot drink.

To explore what kind of animals live in the woods we set up a night vision camera which we hope will capture anything that is enticed by our food! We also laid a tracking box which will capture the footprints of mice, voles or shrews which come for a nibble!

To help wildlife we put up a squirrel feeding box and learned about them.

Our afternoon was spent planting up our wildlife garden at Dalvenie Care Home. We dug in two ponds, planted our insect attracting plants and made a log pile home for minibeasts.


We were happy to see lots of wood mice footprints in our tracking box which we left in the woods last week. We hope our wildlife camera has captured some of their movements.

We learned how to measure a 1 metre squared area, then counted the variety of natural items within that square. We used tally marks to record what we found then turned our information into a bar graph.

To investigate whether the stream within Clune Wood is clean or polluted we did some kick sampling and looked at what was living in the stream. We found different varieties of larvae and fresh water limpets so we know the stream is clean.

Our knife skills were used to whittle a sharp stick for marshmallow toasting and we completed the day by doing a bit of wild writing to reflect on some of our activities so far.

Wednesday Group

31st October 2018