From understanding comes streng




We learned about native Scottish animals and listened to a story. We played games and used natural materials to create animals inspired by our story.


We discovered a local woods and collected natural materials which we observed closely. We drew detailed pictures of what we saw and played games to get to know each other better.

Friday 7th September

We explored Burn O’Vat and had a walk to the waterfall. We discovered our senses by using blindfolds and feeling different types of trees. We described their size and texture. We also took tree rubbings and looked at all the exhibits in the visitors centre. By looking carefully we spotted a small toad.

Blurb Friday 14th September

Our focus today was identifying different types of trees by their leaves. We used an identification sheet and collected leaves we found. We compared their different shapes and sizes and did some rubbings.

It was our first fire in the woods and we cooked baked potatoes for lunch and toasted marshmallows.