From understanding comes strength




We learned about native Scottish animals and listened to a story. We played games and used natural materials to create animals inspired by our story.

Friday 7th September

We explored Burn O’Vat and had a walk to the waterfall. We discovered our senses by using blindfolds and feeling different types of trees. We described their size and texture. We also took tree rubbings and looked at all the exhibits in the visitors centre. By looking carefully we spotted a small toad.

Blurb Friday 14th September

Our focus today was identifying different types of trees by their leaves. We used an identification sheet and collected leaves we found. We compared their different shapes and sizes and did some rubbings.

It was our first fire in the woods and we cooked baked potatoes for lunch and toasted marshmallows.

Friday 21.09.18

We looked in the woods for different varieties of fungi and found them in moist, damp places like rotting trees and in wet soil. Our story today was ‘Stickman’ by Julia Donaldson and we had fun thinking about all the different ways we can use sticks. We made our own Stickmen.

Our afternoon challenge was to light and extinguish our own 5 minute fires safely. We used flint and steels, cotton wool and Vaseline. We talked about how to keep safe when around fire.


We use a scavenger hunt focus to search for and find a variety of things in the forest. Some of us were very creative and managed to find almost everything. We listened to a chapter of George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl before making our own horrible potions. Using our imagination we stirred this all up and created a magnificent potion.

It was great to see some wood mouse footprints in our tracking box today. We learned about the size and shape of mice paws and found out what they liked to eat.

Friday Group

Friday 2nd November

We continued our storytelling theme by making journey sticks. These sticks were a way ancient tribes told each other stories. A stick was decorated in various natural items collected on their travels and they made up stories round the camp fire. We tried making our own journey sticks and described our routes around the woods.

We split into two groups and made a story board from two well-known books; ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.’ Both groups worked hard to depict their story using only natural items. Both groups guessed which book had been made.

Friday 12th October

We visited Crathes Castle today and had a tour inside. We learned about the castle defences and tools they used in the kitchen and in battles. We discovered that one part of the castle took 43 years to build. On our way around we looked for clues to discover two words about the castle. The Horn of Leys and the Green Lady were the words we found and we learnt about these stories.

Our RSPB challenge this week was a flower/plant safari so we explored the gardens and woodland looking for different colours, textures and the different ways plants grow.

We had great time picking conkers in the castle grounds.

Friday 9th November

We went to Stonehaven beach today to investigate a different environment from the woods. It was very windy and the waves were big. We had great fun standing down on the shore and trying to avoid getting soaked. We did a beach scavenger hunt looking for different shells, pebbles, sea glass, drift wood and a huge variety of other natural items you might find at the beach. When we were walking along the beach we saw a seal hanging on the beach. Once it spotted us it made its way into the sea and swam away.

After lunch we went to the harbour and had a look at some of the sculptures along the shore and the boats in the harbour. We spotted more seals in the sea. They were keeps an eye on us.


We discovered a local woods and collected natural materials which we observed closely. We drew detailed pictures of what we saw and played games to get to know each other better.

Friday 16th November

Today we went to Captain’s Wood and made obstacle courses with some rope and the natural environment. We were split into three groups to make our own course. We then went around everyone’s and did theirs.

For lunch we had tomato soup cooked over the fire with crusty bread and fruit kebabs with chocolate drizzled on top.

Friday 23rd November

Today we went up to the Forest and had to look for 3 things. We had to collect a long stick to make a flag, some items for our clay creature and an unusual item for our story writing. It was very wet in the forest, but this didn’t dampen our spirits and we all enjoyed being out.

After lunch, we went back to the activity room and made our flags. We all got very into it and didn’t have time to make our clay creature or write our story. But we have kept our items to do at a later date.

Friday 30th November

Today we went to the Duthie Park. In the morning we split into 3 groups and did one of the orienteering routes there. We had to learn how to orientate the map and learn what the different symbols meant. Using these new skills we all managed to find the points.

In the afternoon we went into the Winter Gardens. We had to look for and take photos of 10 different things. Some of the things we had to find were an animal, an interesting or unusual plant, running water, coloured glass and an insect eating plant. Once we had all been around the gardens in our groups we met up again in the Temperate House. Here we continued with our story telling theme and did some ‘wild writing’. We had to come up with a creative story using some on the things we had found. This is also part of our RSPB wild challenge.

Friday 7th December

Today we went to the Aberdeen Science Centre. When we arrived we did a Volcano workshop and learned why Volcanos erupt. We then made our own Volcano and made it erupt with vinegar, washing up liquid and bicarbonate of soda.

We then took part in a Science on the Spot workshop where some of us helped with different experiments.

For the final 45 minutes we were there we got to explore the different exhibits in the science centre.

Friday 14th December

We made a variety of Christmas decorations today using lots of creativity. Using the ideas from our storytelling week we thought about the creatures we wrote about and made them out of clay and natural materials. We used lots of ribbon and tying skills to make a hanging Christmas ribbon tree. Using wood slices we made tree decorations with Christmas designs.

Friday 11th January

Today we went to Woodend Barn Community Garden and explored, looking for different types of habitat homes. We found a minibeast hotel, bat box, log and stone pile, as well as a pond. We also walked around the outside of the allotments and looked at all the different plants, composters and bird feeders.

In the afternoon we went up to the woods and made a hog house and hedgehog café. We set up our camera to see if any animals go into the ‘café’ or check it out.