From understanding comes strength



Parents: if you would be interested in supporting this initiative by coming in to speak about your career path & day-to-day work, please email


NB Depending on the minimum number of students specified by the speaker, talks are cancelled if not enough students have signed up in advance


What’s it like to work in the police? Or in the world of sport? Or as an engineer? An accountant? A project manager? A lawyer? Or to set up your own business?

And how do I get there?

Careers talks at school, set up jointly with the Parent Council, are an opportunity for young people in all years at the academy to find out more about different career paths.    The talks last about 40 minutes and take place at lunchtimes.  They are designed to be relaxed and informal, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions.  Lunch can be brought to the talk!  Pupils who are interested in a particular talk should sign up at reception by a deadline that is advertised for the individual talk.

Next careers talk:  Tuesday June 25th – Project Trust, educational charity specialising since 1967 in sending school leavers on accredited 8-12 month voluntary placements overseas.

The careers talk initiative has been running since November 2015.  The school and the Parent Council would like to say a very big thank you to the following people who have come into the academy to speak about their study & career paths:

Jamie Mackie, KPMG- KPMG training schemes for school leavers & graduates

Nick Kennington - Operations Management in the oil industry after a Chem Eng degree

Karen Clark, Elevator - Entrepreneurship & skills for work

PC Sharon Meechan & PC Rhys Phillips- Police force

Dr Steve Furnival - Reservoir Engineering in the oil industry after a degree in Physics

Louise Borrowman- Law

Logan Sangster- Photography

Ailis Robertson- Dietician working for Sport Scotland Institute of Sport

Jeff Wallace- Physiotherapy

Dr Gillian Archbold-  Medicine – General Practice

Carol Tucker- Physics

Jane Grieve- Journalism

Eoghain Fiddes and Finlay Conner - Architecture

Mel Shand, Artist, and Lorraine Grant, Director at Woodend Barn -Careers in the Creative Industries

Darren Sutherland - Offshore Engineering

Angus Murray - Digital Technology

Raymond Caldwell - Naval Architecture

Duncan Gardner and Kirstie Golightly of the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route - major construction projects
Erin Johnston - Law
Leah Gourley - Graphic Design

Nicky Clark – Human Resources

Vikki Duncan – putting Art & History to work as a curator.

Carole Taylor & Dawn Lobban – Primary School Teaching

Mike Wilson – Engineering, Inventing and Entrepreneurship  

Rory Cartwright, Saskia Spence, Stephen Curley – Chemical Engineering 

Mike Sibson – working in Venture Capital, investing in small businesses, and entrepreneurship

Laura Smith & Luke Riddock – working in Social Care, specifically with charity Inspire supporting adults with Learning Disabilities and Special Needs

Chris Wardle – Horticulture, Landscapes, Gardens and Management of outdoor spaces

Shelley Mackenzie and Lauren Macaskill, opportunities for further training and education at Nescol

Lisa Christie – Management Accountancy

Philip Thirlaway – Royal Navy and Royal Marines

Laura Pilbeam - Chiropractor

Luke Buskie - an overview of all engineering disciplines, and a special look at reservoir engineering in the oil industry

Lee Ross - linguistics

Neil Cockburn - working as a vet

From Banchory Community Care team (NHS & Aberdeenshire Council partnership):  Jill Barry & Laura Strachan (Occupational therapists), Rachel Dunne (Student Nurse), Penny Allan (Banchory District Nurse), Craig Mackay & Kelsey Brown (Care Managers with social work backgrounds), and Jill Matthew (manager) who organised the team's talk

Line Captain Nick Ledger - helicopter pilot with CHC


“Mrs Grieve…had very useful advice on how to get into a career as a journalist and had some hilarious stories too”

– Ben Strachan, 5M2

“The Careers Talk in Journalism educated me on all the different jobs they and have to do…and was very interesting”

- Alina Haque, 4K2

“I really enjoyed the career talk on journalism and it gave me a clearer picture on the various aspects which could be involved…and emphasised the importance of learning in a working environment” - Thalia Groucott, 5T1

“I found the talk extremely interesting.  It was good that were introduced to another side of journalism and given valid tips on how to gain experience” - Anon

“I found the talk to be very informative…and gave me a realistic picture of what it is really like to be a journalist” - Roisin Kelly, 6M

"I did really enjoy this talk as it was interesting and really informative, especially when explaining the different branches and types of architecture"

"The talk was very well done; they painted a very comprehensive picture of what it was like to study and then become an architect. They had some inspiring photos and videos"

“I thoroughly enjoyed the talk.  The two speakers were very supportive and enthusiastic and covered a broad range of career paths within the art & design industry.  Very useful!”

Holly Mullins

“Art in the Creative Industries” talk.  

“I have taken a shine to the TV Advertising industry…and this talk has helped me understand what path I want to take”

Kirsty McHattie

“Art in the Creative Industries” talk.  

“Enjoyable, encouraging and inspirational.  Taught me mechanical engineering is very transferrable”

Euan Caldwell

“It was very useful, engaging and informative.”

Daniel Birch

“I thought the talk was very useful for my choices later on in life, even if Im not choosing a path in engineering, the people skills you said were incredibly useful for any job”

Kate Strachan

“Very informative talk.  Great to learn about an engineer’s career and all the possibilities.  Not just about what you do but the experience and different cultures”

Caroline Charnley

“The talk was very useful as many people could relate to not being sure about future careers”

Patrycja Owczarek

Law Talk”

“The talk was very informative and well structured – I never knew there were so many options in law!  A really good talk.

“Law Talk”

Andrew Wood

“Law Talk”

“This was a great talk. It was clear and interesting and I gained a good insight into HR and what it is.  This presentation has helped me narrow down my career options, since – although it is an interesting job, its not for me.”  Louisa Cameron