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Woodland week 1 – Wednesday 23rd August 2017

Our first week in the woods was a wet one! We headed to our site at Corsee Wood after loading our minibus. Our first task was to put up the canopy to provide some shelter and then we did a group risk assessment so we knew which areas to stay away from and to familiarise ourselves with the new environment. We made a big camp fire to keep us warm and everyone set about learning about how to set up the camp area. It was too wet to do many activities outside of the canopy so pupils learned about all the different tools we use. After an introduction to knife skills the pupils tried it out by whittling a stick to a sharp point. We made hot drinks using the Kelly kettles and Lunch today was chicken wraps which we cooked on our skillet. A warm lunch was very welcome on such a wet day. After a small break in the weather pupils were able to use the different tools to cut dead wood for our wood pile. They used Laplanders, bow saws, loppers and secateurs. It was a really great start to our outdoor sessions and everyone did so well coping with such a bad weather day. Well done everyone.