From understanding comes strength



1. Skills related to measurement

Standard Form Worksheet

Measurement Check-up
2. Skills Related to Calculation

•Powers and Roots worksheet

Powers & Roots Check-up
3. Speed, Distance & Time

Speed, Distance, &Time check-up
4. Scale Drawings
5. Chance and Uncertainty

Probability Check-up

6. Brackets and Factors

Factorising Check-up

7. Pythagoras’ Theorem

Pythagoras Check-up

8.  Money

Wages Check-up

9. Area and Volume

3D Shapes Check-up
10.  Trigonometry in right-angled triangles

Trigonometry Check-up

11. Information Handling
13. Graphs and equations of Straight Lines

Straight Lines Check-up

14.  Similarity

Similarity Check up

14. Revision for Level 4 assessment

Revision of S2 Work
15. Angles & Circles

Angles & Circles Check-up
16. Ratio and Proportion

Level 4