From understanding comes strength


S2 Football Team

On behalf of all involved with the Banchory Academy 2004 football team we would like to make a special thank you to both Raeburn Christie Clark & Wallace and The Rotary Club of Banchory St. Ternan for their very generous sponsorships which has allowed us to purchase new match kit (as seen in the photos) and black, personalised training tops (arriving shortly).

The boys train every Thursday lunch for one hour and aim to play a school match around every three weeks.  On top of school training, almost all the boys play for an external club: training twice per week and playing every Sunday. School games consist of a mixture of knock-out cups and friendlies.

The new kit has provided a new aspect to school football for the boys.  Instead of turning up to matches in mismatched kit, several years out of date, the boys are now able to play in a kit that has been chosen and tailored to them, providing that extra spark of motivation for the boys on match day.

Over the coming year the squad are looking to progress far into the Aberdeenshire cup, as well as the Scottish shield, which brings the possibility of the team travelling all-over Scotland. On-top of this, the squad look forward to getting plenty more matches in between now and next June against surrounding schools.

From the perspective of the coaches “the new kit has provided the missing piece in what is a very dedicated squad of young footballers.  The new kit, both match and training has made all the boys feel like part of a proper team and it has given them a tremendous confidence booster.  We look forward to making use of the new kit as we compete over the surrounding area and Scotland.”

Sophie Hunt, Manager, also adds “I am so proud of the boys and their achievements to date.  The new kits are fantastic and the boys are over the moon to represent such great organisations.  We are grateful to Raeburn Christie Clark & Wallace and The Rotary for their very generous sponsorship and support”.