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Grampian Schools Rugby 7s

Groupcall Xpressions - School communications on your mobile phone

An exciting new service, Groupcall is now available to the school, making communication between us and yourselves easier and more effective.  A free app - Groupcall Xpressions is available for you to download to your phone or tablet.  Using the App will save the school the cost of a text by sending free messages.  The more parents who register the more the school will save when sending messages!  We will also have the facility to send emails direct to your inbox, saving time locating documents on the school website- so please ensure we have your current email address.  This free App will be used across all schools in Aberdeenshire (in time) and means that if you have children in various schools, all messages come to the same App. Click here to read the letter to all parents/carers explaining a bit more about the  Service. You can visit the Xpressions website to download the app here

Cathy enthralled and engaged all S1 during her visit to the school.

Cathy’s work is very popular with teenagers, and she has established a reputation as a writer of gritty, urban stories that tackle emotional, contemporary issues but always work towards a positive solution.

Interestingly, Cathy informed the pupils that she left school at 15, never attended University nor any creative writing course. Her inspiration for writing came from reading books – manna to all English teachers and the librarian.

Great feedback from the pupils on her visit.

Cathy MacPhail Visit

Bag 2 School Collection Details

Thinking on having a Spring clear out? The PTA will be looking for all your unwanted clothes, shoes, bags etc. for the ‘Bag 2 School’ scheme on Friday 5th May

Collection bags will be issued by the school, but no special bag is required—you can even use a bin liner and drop it off at the school in the morning.

As well as raising vitally needed funds for the PTA it also helps the environment by helping to divert unwanted textiles away from landfill. A recent DEFRA report has shown that textile collection schemes are helping to reduce the volume of textiles discarded as municipal solid waste. However it is a fact that as a nation we still send 350,000 tonnes of textiles to landfill every year.

Please donate unwanted textiles – this can include adults’ and children’s clothes, shoes (tied together please), hats, belts, handbags and soft toys, (please click here for full details).

28th April

S4/5/6 Last day at school

Congratulations to the boys that competed in the Grampian Schools Rugby 7s, winning the S3/4 cup!  The boys played really well against some experienced ( and quite big) players.

On the evening of 10th of May 2017 the Expressive Arts Faculty will be hosting an evening of entertainment. Your S2 child will be exhibiting art work that they have completed in school, presenting drama pieces they have worked on in class and performing as part of their music class.  

The evening is designed to show the breadth of work covered by our S2 pupils. During the evening the Art Department will be open to browse pupils’ artwork. Your child’s times to perform in drama and music are stated below.  Light refreshments will be served throughout the evening in the Central Hall. Pupils are not required to wear school uniform on this occasion.  This is not a ticketed event and there are no admission charges.

S2 Expressive Arts Evening

Knockburn Kids Duathlon  - 02/04/17

60 kids took part in the glorious spring sunshine

Male Tristar 3

1st - Jamie Liversidge (S1)

2nd - Sam Condy (S2)

Femail Tristar 3

1st - Ellie Littlejohn (S2)

2nd - Alice Steven (S1)


Femail Youth

1st - Rachael Steven (S3)

The Aikido Club has spaces for beginners. Aikido is a Japanese martial art that is based on a non-violent response to any attack. We train with throws and pins but also have some weapons training. The school club has the highest graded juniors in Scotland and meets on Tuesdays 4-5pm. If you would like to give it a try please see Mrs Riddoch in Science for a parental consent form.

Aikido Club

Banchory Fixers Launch Event and HeadTalker Campaign

A group of pupils launched the Banchory Fixers - taking action to stop people from making negative assumptions about those they don’t know

- please have a look at their ‘We Are All Human’ Film at this link on YouTube

You can also support the HeadTalker campaign by following this link: https://headtalker.com/campaigns/we-are-all-human/.  Scroll down to just below the film and click on the social media platform you’d like to use to support the campaign then follow the instructions to support the campaign - it may ask you to sign in to facebook etc and accept that HeadTalker gets access to certain information and permissions.

By signing up to support the campaign you are agreeing to let HeadTalker post a message containing a link to the film on your behalf at 12.00pm on 31/03/2017.

Soul Academy- Free Gig

Soul Academy have organised a free gig in D2 on Thursday at 1.15 pm to let more of the school hear what they do best. It will be the last chance for some of the band to perform.

Please come along - All welcome!

Art and Design - Return of SQA work.

If you are sitting N5, Higher or Advanced Higher Art and Design and would like to have your work returned you can apply directly to the SQA. http://www.sqa.org.uk/sqa/35398.html or google SQA Art returns.

Pushkin Prize Winner

Congratulations to Iona Adams (2L1) who was awarded First Prize at The Pushkin Prizes (creative writing) ceremony yesterday.

The Pushkin Prizes offer a unique opportunity for 10 pupils from schools throughout Scotland to attend a five-day creative writing course at the Moniack Mhor Writers' Centre near Inverness.

Pupils in S1 and S2 from any school in Scotland are invited to submit their creative writing folios in December every year. Each folio must contain three pieces of creative writing, each no longer than 1200 words long. Pupils can write about anything they wish, and they can write in any genre, or combination of genres.  Click here to read the 3 winning pieces submitted by Iona.